Autumn Lip Favourites

The fact that Autumn is fully here fills me with so much happiness. It’s by far my favourite season, and what’s not to love? Cosy evenings, pumpkins, gingerbread lattes, crisp orange leaves on the ground, and of course, the darker lip makes an all mighty return!

I relish this time of year for so many reasons, but my favourite has to be that I can whack out all my brown, purple and berry lipsticks and just go full autumnal crazy for the next few months. It’s a shame you can’t wear these colours all year round, as they’re my favourite! I compiled a few of my go to autumn lip colours that have quickly become my favourites.

NYX Liquid Suede lipstick – Vintage – I purchased this last autumn when I first saw that our local Boots had gained a NYX counter. Overly excited, I began swatching all of their liquid lipsticks on the counter, from nudes, to purple, grey to brown. I purchased two in the end, one of them being this one – Vintage. This is such a unique blend of red berries and brown, giving it that perfect autumnal vibe. It’s a liquid suede, so essentially it’s not overly drying! It layer perfectly and you get great coverage from just applying one coat. You can also team it up with a lipstick or gloss if you want a little bit more of a shine!

Makeup Gallery All About the Pout –  Plum Pout – This is a Poundland buy! I did a YouTube video testing all of my Poundland makeup purchases, so if you’re interested in that I’ll leave it here. The Makeup Gallery lipsticks are insane quality. It’s a shame that the packaging lets on that its cheap, but for £1 you can’t really expect anything else. This is just as its called – a plumb shade that is quite light, but build-able. It also has a shimmer to it, so it isn’t matte like that others. I was expecting it to be quite bad considering it was £1, but I was pleasantly surprised. I even wore it to dinner one night, and a friend said “what lipstick are you wearing?? That hasn’t budged a bit!”, and of course when I said it was Poundland, they were shocked! Definitely try a cheaper brand before splashing the cash!

Makeup Revolution Liquid Lip Lacquer- Velvet Vamp – By far, this is one of my favourites! It may have something to do with it making me feel as if I am in full Halloween mode when I wear this, but also the fact that I can get away with wearing it because I have dark hair and a style which would suit these shades more. The consistency is quite drying, and dries on your lips super quickly. It does require about two layers, as the first is quite patchy! However, as soon as this is on your lips – it aint coming off! It’s really durable and doesn’t crack or budge all evening. Because it is quite drying on the lips, I tend to do an intense hydration on my lips a few hours before, otherwise when you take it off, you can be left with cracked lips! But to be honest, what liquid lipstick doesn’t do that?

MAC – Double Shot Amplified – A very unique shade in my opinion! I’ve found a lot of people don’t like it, however it is obviously one of my favourites. Everyone’s plays safe and buys velvet teddy (which of course, I also own!), however I prefer to risk it go for something out of the ordinary! This is a very luxurious lipstick, being very rich and textured, coating beautifully with just one coat. You can apply two coats to get a darker shade! It dries, but remains a silky texture, making it super easy to reapply throughout the day! It does have somewhat of a higher price tag, but for quality, you can’t go wrong! I’ve had this lipstick for over two years now and still love grabbing for it when it rolls around to Autumn!

New Look Super Matte Liquid Lipstick- Stone – I had a bit of a rocky start with this lipstick! I purchased it online and paid for next day delivery. I remember it being two days before Christmas and really wanting to wear it on the day. It arrived and I was so excited to try it, but when I opened it, the wand had bent completely out of shape and was unusable! Luckily, it was rectified online super quick and I was able to get a replacement the next day and in time for Christmas! It has a velvety texture and dries smooth. It doesn’t feel cakey or heavy, but has an amazing formula and texture. It dries quite quick, and only one application is required to last the day! The only negative was the size of the wand – it is so big that it can make it difficult to apply gently, however I just wing it each time and neaten up with concealer!


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