Zoella’s Ginger Cream Body Lotion

An all time staple in my bag right now is the Zoella Ginger Cream Body Lotion! Now this wasn’t available to purchase alone (I think!). I received it last Christmas in a set that came with the Zoella Bake My Day Body Spritz (which I am now also using – I smell like Christmas and I love it!).  Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s available to purchase anymore as she has released a new Christmas range for 2017.

Either way, I thought i’d still talk through the positives of this product and why its still a must have for me!

What does Christmas smell like to you? What scent comes to mind when you think of Christmas? Some people think of fur trees, others think of toasted marshmallows, and some think of pumpkin spice. For me, its ginger! The second the temperature drops a degree, I’m the first one in Costa and Cafe Nero asking “do you have any gingerbread syrup?” or “can I make that a gingerbread latte please?”.

I like it because its sweet with a hint of spice. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all about pumpkin spice latte’s and Christmas Cookie Yankee Candles, but when I ultimately think of Autumn, you can’t not think of gingerbread!

The Zoella Ginger Cream Body Lotion is kept in my bag for my hands! Although, as it’s named, you use it all over your body. It’s become a bit of a routine to moisturise my arms and neck with this, spritz with the body mist and then get dressed – no harm in smelling like a gingerbread man is there?

So what’s in the ginger cream body lotion? Show your skin some love with my indulgent gingerbread and warm vanilla body cream. Lightly whipped to perfection and enriched with extracts of nourishing Shea Butter and Vitamin C.  The main scent is gingerbread, with a vanilla edge to take away the bitterness that can sometimes be associated with gingerbread. The cream is very rich and soaks into the skin perfectly, not leaving you too sticky for too long. In fact, I can normally apply and get dressed within two minutes without any issues. It has such a warm, ‘christmassy’ scent that it immediately puts me in the festive mood!

The negative? It’s no longer available! It was a limited edition range that was released, just like the rest of Zoella’s ranges. As stated before, this year it has been replaced with the Snowella range (which is also beautiful by the way!). However, you can probably find a few sets still knocking about online!


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