Kiko Velvet Matte Lipstick Review

I remember walking in Kiko for the very first time, a year ago. At that point I didn’t even know that the brand ‘Kiko’ existed, let alone that it would have such a large variety of make-up products at ridiculously affordable prices!

I wondered in, not knowing what I’d buy – then I saw this lipstick.


 In a gorgeous rose gold case, I purchased this lipstick in the shade 602. When I swatched it, it looked like a warm, rose colour. However, when applied it is a little peachier. Nevertheless, its a beautiful colour.

PROS: Cheap,great packaging, large variety of colours.

CONS: Not largely available.

Overall, this is a perfect product for beginners or those who aren’t 100% confident on wearing lipstick. This was one of the first lipsticks I purchased, and still use it today!

You can purchase this shade here for just £6.90!


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