Lush ‘Helping Hands’ Hand Cream

I never really thought about the importance of hand cream, until I worked in care.  I always thought it was a gimmick; a way for companies to make money.

However, when I started working in care, washing my hands every fifteen minutes and using hand sanitiser before and after every activity, I noticed my hands were becoming dry and cracked. They were painful to touch and generally felt really ‘un-feminine’. 

I found that hand creams helped a lot! And a quick favourite of mine became the Lush ‘Helping Hands’ hand cream. Instantly, my hands felt softer and more nourished. The cracking stopped, the tightness of my skin was no more, and I was able to have ‘feminine’ hands again!

What’s so special about Lush ‘Helping Hands’ hand cream?

Lush Helping Hands has a very thick, almost buttery consistency and texture. A great positive of  the product, is the length of time it lasts! I’ve owned this pot for a LONG time, and I still have so much product left. 

Unlike most other Lush products, this cream smells very mild so if you’re not into ‘lush’ scented hand creams, this is for you!  And the best way to use it? AT NIGHT! I smother my hands (and sometimes my feet!) with this and just let it sink in overnight and work its magic!

From the website: Time for a little thirst aid? This hardworking pot of creamy, Fair Trade, organic cocoa butter and hydrating honey will nurse your hands back to health. Calming chamomile water and restorative almond oil have a wonderful bedside manner, while rich, reparative shea butter from The Ojoba Women’s co-operative in Ghana is quickly absorbed into the skin for a silky-smooth finish. There’s no prescribed way of doing things: just dab or scoop as much as you like into your palms and rub all over.


List of ingredients


















Natural Ingredients

Safe Synthetics

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals

Priced at £7.95 per 100g pot, I feel like it’s a great product to purchase. You need to give this a try – even if it’s just testing in a Lush store! I’ve tried so many hand creams over the last year, and this is still my go to, every time! I’ve even decanter-ed some into a tube to take to work!

You can view this product here


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