Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick & Lip Liner Review

I was browsing around eBay a while back, trying to find some cheap make-up, mainly to review. I stumbled across a load of ‘fake’ make-up, essentially rip off  items of the real product. There were Anastasia palettes, MAC Lipsticks, Foundations, and this. The Kylie Lip kit.  It was for bidding, and no one had bid with only 50 seconds to go. At £6.00 I thought it was worth the gamble – and I won it! The description stated it was 100% real, but seriously?! who’s believing that!

The shade I got was “Moon”. The kit itself came in this white box, and inside was the liquid lipstick and matching lip liner. Both were untouched (you could tell by the pencil and the wand on the lipstick!). I was super impressed by these, even if it is fake! I’m not the kind of person that will happily spend £30-£40 on premium make-up, when I can get something cheaper with the same quality! I will always favour High Street over High End.

The consistency is great! The liquid lipstick is really opaque, great quality and long lasting! The liner glides on nicely, and doesn’t feel like a pencil – more like a soft crayon. There’s no messy residue, so nothing has to be neatened up afterwards. The colours match perfectly. I like to line my lips first, then fill in the pencil with the liner, and finally do a full layer with the lipstick to complete the look.

This colour is great for daily use like work, or going to lunch with friends. Its super durable, so no touching up required! If you want to purchase the real thing, you can find it here.

There are some great dupes out there to this shade too!

Barry M Liquid Lipstick ‘On The Scene’

New Look Liquid Lipstick ‘Stone’

PROS: Long Lasting / Great Quality / Cheap Dupe

CONS: Not easily available at cheap price!


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