Soph X Makeup Revolution: Highlighter Palette


Ever fallen in love with a makeup product? No? Just me then. I’ve never really been much of a highlighter user, for two reasons. 1)I never really understood the benefit of using a highlighter,  and 2)I could never find a good enough highlighter to make me change my mind. That was until I started seeing every blogger and YouTuber recommending this beautiful palette.

It has to be loved, as its been released in collaboration with a YouTuber, but either way – its an amazing bit of kit! Why is it better than others though?

I’ve tried so many highlighters. Stick ones, single pans, liquid – all of it. I could never get something that actually made me say “WOW!” – but then I tried the Soph X Highlighter palette. Makeup Revolution make some amazing beauty pieces, and this is no different.


Makeup Revolution have collaborated with the amazing SophDoesNails to bring this amazing highlighting palette! If you are looking for a highlighter palette that does it all- look no further! From a natural glow from within, to a blinding highlight that can be seen from space, they’ve got you covered. With 8 different shades (5 baked and 3 pressed), you can pick your favourites or mix and match colours to create the perfect glow for your skin tone. You know what they say… you can NEVER have enough highlighter!


Need another benefit? It’s only £8! I don’t even understand how that’s possible, considering the quality of the products are so good – but £8 for eight different shades of highlighters is beyond a bargain. Being available on the high street, you can purchase this in Superdrug and online at Tam Beauty. There’s a wide variety of colours, suitable for every skin tone and all year round.


The products are super pigmented and build able, so you can go subtle or full glam! You can even use other shades as a gorgeous eye shadow, again using them dry for a subtle shimmer, or wet for an intense, dazzling look!

So, time for the pros and cons!

PROS: Super pigmented, build-able, multi-functional, variety of colours, affordable, high street availability.

CONS: Small amount of fall out!

Overall, it’s an amazing quality palette and worth so much more than the price it is! You have so much choice, instead of just sticking to the one colour. There is so much I love about this palette – I can’t praise it enough!



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