Why I Love Acrylic Nails

I feel like acrylic nails are such a taboo subject. People either love them, or hate them!I, of course, love them!

I never really understood the fascination with them to begin with – although that was back in the day when false nails were square and had fat white tips. I never liked them! However, over the years, the shapes have changed – oval, almond, stiletto! I prefer these.

I’ve always enjoyed having false nails. I can type, write and do all normal things with them. I hate the shape of my natural nails, as well as the condition of them. My nails have always been brittle and can never grow past a certain length. I prefer false nails as they’re stronger, neater and I feel like my hands look more feminine.

It’s become a bit of a tradition for me and my mum to now go and get our nails done once a month, which I love. We grab a coffee, choose a nail colour and enjoy spending a little bit of quality time together!

I’ve had a few different shapes, too. These are known as ‘Coffin’ tips.

These were supposed to be coffee tips, but I went to a different nail bar, where these were butchered! They snapped in two days!

By far, my favourite! I love the colour, shape, length! I’m going to get mine done again for the first tine in nearly 5 weeks! They’re so overgrown, I can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “Why I Love Acrylic Nails

  1. bournemouthgirl says:

    All those nails look beautiful. I used to get acrylics all the time. I mostly get my nails shellacked now! But I love the whole experience so relaxing and love to treat myself like that xx


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