The Body Shop ‘Tea Tree’ Range

I feel like no matter how well I eat, no matter how much water I drink, and how much exercise I do – my skin will always be bad. I’ve just come to accept it. I’ve tried so many products in the last few years, all with such short term fixes. However, not using them for a day or two, my skin goes back to being spotty, oily and full of blemishes.

I felt like, if my skin is always going to be bad, I might as well invest in some good quality skincare to help combat the  issues I have with my skin on a daily basis. That’s when I thought I would try The Body Shop Tea Tree Collection.

This entire collection came at a good price. Ben bought me the face wash, toner and moisturiser, all as an anniversary present for about £24. I bought the scrub in one of their online sales for about £4.

Step One: Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash, Scrub and Mask

When I’m wanting to do a really deep clean with my skin, I always start with the Tea Tree 3-in-1. The beauty of this product, is the sheer fact that it is three products in one, meaning you can use it for so many things! This can be used as a wash, a scrub or a mask to combat blemishes and excess oil. When used as a wash, the foaming clay removes impurities in the skin and excess oil. When I use it as a scrub, the micro beads unclog pores, smooth skin’s surface and reduce the appearance of blackheads. When its applied as a mask, the drying clay reduces blackheads and shine, deeply cleanses, mattifies and tightens pores. 

Step Two: Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser

This is my daily go to product, now. At the beginning of the year, my skin was terrible, and I found that hot cloth cleansers worked great. Since the sun has come out, and I’ve been eating a lot better, my skin has changed. Although it’s a lot more clearer, I still struggle with oily, blackhead prone skin. This foaming cleanser is super easy to use, and effectively removes any impurities that my skin is holding. The formula is really softening on the skin, and is so gentle and refreshing.

Step Three: Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner

This is the perfect ‘quick fix’ at cleansing your skin, before packing on a load of makeup! Its best to use straight after a full scrub and wash, to fully penetrate the pores and act as a barrier for spots. I always find that my skin feels so much more refreshed when I use this toner after a full skin detox. This is such a refreshing, purifying toner, that removes residual make-up and impurities. Its super easy to use, with a simple ‘shake-to-activate’. From first use, my skin appears visibly clearer and my pores appear tighter – which I love!

Step Four: Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion

The beauty of this product? I use it everywhere. I suffer from a condition which involves a compulsion to pick my skin. This causes my arms to be covered in spots and marks. I thought I would never find something to clear my skin up and reduce my compulsion to pick. Then Ben bought me this lotion, along with the rest of this range, and I’ve been using it nearly everyday to help reduce the appearance of the spots, and ease irritation. Just like the other products, its perfect for anyone with blemish prone skin. This is a lightweight daytime moisturiser for blemished skin, with purifying tea tree oil grown. Its easily absorbed, with no greasy after feel, and almost works as a base for make-up for the day!


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