A Little Trip to London

This post is very delayed, however it appears I never actually get the time to sit down and write a blog post anymore.  Yet, here we are, with a little bit of spare time – and instead of sitting on the sofa, watching tele and binge eating, I decided to actually write this one out – progress!

So, me and Ben went on a little day trip to London, to visit his long term friend who lives there. Every time we go up, we act like complete tourists, taking an obscene amount of photos and stopping every five minutes to take in the sights. We last went to London about five years ago, and again we went for his birthday. Its always nice to go when you don’t really have set plans or an idea of what’s going to happen. We had a few plans on where to go, where to eat etc, but a lot of it was spent just walking around – and taking photos. Usually, we take our DSLR and add the photos onto our computer, play around and edit a few. However, we’ve recently fallen back in love with good old film photography. There’s something so wonderful about taking a photo, never really knowing how its going to come out, and waiting a few days for the developed images to come back. In our case, everything was trial an error. We were using expired film – Ilford HP 500 – 400 ISO, and for our camera, it was a Miranda MS-2 Super with a standard 35mm lense. Ben has a bit of experience with film, so he understood about ISO and light balance, whereas I am a full on noob with film.


One of the main stops in our busy day, was visiting the V&A museum.  “The Victoria and Albert Museum” is the world’s greatest museum of art and design, representing more than 3,000 years of creativity, with collections unique and diverse. In recent years, the V&A has undergone a dramatic programme of renewal and restoration. There are many new instalments, such as the Medieval Renaissance galleries which hold some of the greatest surviving treasures those periods, the beautiful jewellery gallery and the stunning British art galleries, which wonderfully illustrates the history of Britain through the nation’s art and design. In addition to its free permanent collection, the V&A offers a programme of temporary exhibitions and an extensive events programme.


I had the pleasure of visiting the V&A on a college school trip back in 2011, when there was a temporary exhibition on the workings of famous Japanese fashion designers. The whole thing was entirely breathtaking and overwhelming. I’m not sure if I was just in awe of it all, but it was something I’ll remember forever. It may be the way they display these beautiful and elegant pieces, but something about them was so magical.


I took a few photos on my phone, which was still relatively new. Those photos are on my Instagram – if you wanted to check them out, they’re on @charldeeblogs . It made for some beautiful photos, but film still wins every time.


Just a short walk from the V&A, we found ourselves in a small square which I believe was between Brompton Road and Thurloe Place. It was a nice and neat little square, housing several restaurants and cafe’s. I even popped into one of them and grabbed a cheeky hot chocolate.


Next stop was Soho, a place in London that I have never ventured to. All I hear is stories of wild nights in Soho, with a variety of characters in every bar. I saw a very different side during the day. It was incredibly quiet, even for a Saturday, with a small array of shops and High Street names. We found an amazing underground Arcade called Las Vegas, which had a complete mix of games on all consoles; air hockey, Fifa on Xbox, Mario Kart, Tekken, Grid, Time Crysis, Guitar Hero, Dance Mat and Street Fighter (just to name a few). Ben was obviously in his element. The best thing, was that we only took in £10, and still came out with £5! All games were £1 and from that, you got a lot of play time. Definitely a great spot to hang out and full indulge in nostalgia.


I have loads of other photos, but I may have to leave that for another day. London is one of my all time favourite places to go, purely because I love travelling. There’s something that I enjoy about jumping on trains, on and off of tubes and undergrounds, walking to new places and experiencing new sights and smells. I love my creature comforts of my home town and all it has, but travelling is something I will always enjoy.


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